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Solar energy storage system solution OEM/ODM

Pronewenergy is engaged in the field of new energy storage, providing our customers with the most valuable, feasible, safe and quality-assured energy storage system planning, including: house solar energy storage power generation system, industrial solar energy storage power generation system, outdoor solutions such as base station energy storage systems

Lithium iron phosphate battery OEM/ODM

As our customer, you are not only buying products from us, but also services. As a new energy battery manufacturer, PROnewenergy allows our engineers to customize exclusive lithium iron phosphate batteries according to customers' actual battery needs. For example, battery case size, battery capacity, battery voltage, battery current, etc.


Our battery BMS can customize protection functions according to the customer's battery, such as voltage and current, communication interface, Bluetooth settings, computer, mobile phone connection, etc.

Battery Accessories OEM/ODM

Custom various kinds of accessories for lithium iron phosphate battery, including bms battery system,battery box,battery busbar,prismatic lithium cells,battery cables,fiberglass board,
battery spacer,battery connectors,terminal block,etc.
To Solve Your Indoor or Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Needs, Contact Us To Obtain Convenient And Reliable Solutions.
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