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Components And Benefits of Home Energy Storage Systems

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Home energy storage generally refers to household energy storage, which means that home energy storage equipment stores electricity locally for later use. Home energy storage systems mainly store excess electricity generated by solar panels in battery packs, making it convenient for families to access it at any time.

When it's daytime. When sunlight is normal, solar photovoltaic modules produce more energy, and the battery can store it to ensure power at night or on another cloudy or rainy day. Precisely because the battery can optimize the use of electricity, it can ensure the effective operation of the entire household system. At the same time, if there is a sudden suspension of household power consumption, for example, desktop computer drawings cannot be saved in time, fresh food in the refrigerator melts, may deteriorate, etc., but with a home energy storage system, it can maintain continuity in this situation. reliability and extremely short response times.

1. Home energy storage system includes the following components:

1.PV (lightweight flexible solar panels or folding integrated panels)

2. Inverter or multi-function inverter (you can choose according to your own needs)

3.WIFI module or 4G module (there will be slight differences at home and abroad)

4. Battery energy storage battery (divided into wall-mounted type, floor-standing roller type, and battery combination detachable type. You can choose according to your own power consumption. According to the power consumption, the main houses in Europe are wooden, and the weight of the wall-mounted type may be taken into consideration) .

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Energy Storage

The advantages of home energy storage systems are: (1) Reduced emissions, reducing pollution and demand from a grid that relies on coal and natural gas; (2) Blackout safety, providing backup power during power outages or emergencies; (3) Lower costs, by using Less grid energy to save money; (4) Become energy independent and store excess solar energy to reduce grid usage; (5) Reduce peak demand, support the grid during peak hours and provide grid stability services.

Disadvantages of home energy storage systems include: higher upfront costs; adding more to the total system cost.

Home energy storage systems make solar panel power generation more reliable, avoiding the shortcomings of being unable to generate electricity on rainy days, and affected by the world's energy crisis, these systems are becoming more and more common, accepted and loved by everyone, and protect the environment. At the same time, it can also save energy and generate electricity sustainably.

pronewenergy is a professional energy storage battery manufacturer, providing 51.2v 11.3KWH, 51.2v 10KWH wallmounted battery for solar home energy storage system

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