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How Long Will A 100kw Battery Run A House?

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How long can a 100kw energy storage battery be used?

The first thing you need to understand is that 100kw refers to the charging and discharging power of this energy storage system. How long it can be used depends on the capacity of your battery, such as industrial 100kw/205kwh. This type of energy storage belongs to commercial industrial energy storage batteries. So how long can he hold on? 100kW refers to power. It doesn't say whether it is charging power or discharging power. Assuming that the charging and discharging power are both 100kW, then 200kWh can theoretically be charged in two hours. The energy storage system is basically full. 200kWh, that is, 200 kilowatt hours of electricity. Similarly, if the output power is 100kW, it can be discharged in basically two hours. The discharge power is 200 degrees.

Common household energy storage battery power references are 5kw and 10kw. Battery capacity is based on your own power needs. For example: 5kw/10kwh/20kwh/50kwh



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