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How To Correctly Select The Battery Wires for Connecting Lithium Battery Packs in Series

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Choose appropriate wires

When selecting battery terminal wires, it is necessary to consider factors such as their conductivity, insulation performance, and heat resistance. Generally speaking, copper wire with the same cross-sectional area has better conductivity and insulation performance than aluminum wire. When selecting wires, it is recommended to choose copper wire, and the cross-sectional area should be determined based on the current and distance of the circuit. In addition, the temperature resistance of the wire is also very important, because excessive current can cause the wire to heat up. If the temperature resistance of the wire is insufficient, it may cause the wire to burn out.


4 AWG Battery Wire24v battery cable connector

Wiring method

The following points should be noted when connecting the battery cables of the lithium battery pack:

1. Before wiring, ensure that the battery is in a power-off state to ensure safety;

2. The two ends of the battery connecting wire must have a clean, oil-free, and oxidized metal surface;

3. Lithium battery packs are generally composed of multiple individual batteries connected in series. When connected in series, attention should be paid to keeping the voltage of each battery equal. The voltage of the connected battery should be the voltage of the previous battery plus the voltage of the current battery;

4. Before connecting batteries in series, it is best to balance the battery level in advance through devices such as balancers;

5. When connecting wires, try to shorten the length of the wires as much as possible, reduce wire resistance, and reduce wire losses;

6. If multiple series battery packs are required, a fuse should be added at the end of each battery pack when connecting wires to prevent circuit short circuits or overload, which may cause dangerous situations such as wire burning or fire.


Check wire connections

After connecting the wires, it is necessary to check the wire connections to ensure that they are firmly connected and not loose or short circuited. A voltmeter can be used to test the circuit to ensure that the voltage of each battery is equal and the circuit is working properly.


In short, selecting appropriate wires and the correct wiring method can ensure the stability and safety of the circuit of the series connected lithium battery pack, and can also improve the efficiency of the circuit.

What's more, If you need to purchase the battery wire of lithium batteries, please contact us directly, we will give you a satisfactory solution according to your needs!

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