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Lead-acid Battery Or Lithium Battery, Which One Is Better for Electric Vehicles?

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As for which lead-acid battery or lithium battery to choose, I believe this question is a matter of opinion and wisdom. Some users will be more optimistic about lithium batteries, while other users will insist on choosing lead-acid batteries. So, for electric vehicles, how to choose between these two batteries? Detailed analysis today.

1. Service life and energy density


First of all, from the perspective of service life, lithium batteries can run for 5 to 10 years under normal use and have a long service life, while lead-acid batteries can often only be used for 3 to 5 years and have a lower service life than lithium batteries. In terms of energy density, for lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries of the same size, lithium batteries have higher energy density and longer cruising range. Therefore, in terms of service life and energy density, lithium batteries have greater advantages.

2. Price and stability


Secondly, in terms of price, for the same type of lithium battery and lead-acid battery, the price of lithium battery will be much higher than that of lead-acid battery. In terms of stability, lead-acid battery technology is relatively mature and its stability is higher. Due to their high energy density, lithium batteries are less stable than lead-acid batteries. Therefore, in terms of price and stability, lead-acid batteries will have more advantages.

3. Convenience and reuse rate


In addition, in terms of convenience, lithium batteries are easier to carry due to their small size and lightweight, and the vehicle is more lightweight. Lead-acid batteries are relatively bulky and less lightweight than lithium batteries. In terms of reuse rate, the recycling rate of lead-acid batteries is much higher than that of lithium batteries, and the recycling value is greater. Therefore, in terms of convenience, lithium batteries have great advantages, while in terms of reuse rate, lead-acid batteries are higher.

To sum up, lithium batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of service life, energy density and convenience. Lead-acid batteries will have more advantages in terms of price, stability, and reuse rate. Therefore, for electric vehicles, if you consider service life, battery life, etc., it is better to choose lithium batteries, and if you consider price and stability, it is better to choose lead-acid batteries. Finally, what do you think of lead-acid batteries versus lithium batteries?

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