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What Are The Advantages of 36v Golf Cart Lifepo4 Battery
07-04 2024

Pronewenergy's 36V golf cart LiFePO4 battery is designed to replace lead-acid batteries and enhance the golf cart user experience. It uses industry-leading lithium battery cells and integrates Pronewenergy's advanced battery system to ensure that your golf cart is protected from overheating, short c

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72v golf cart lifepo4 battery customized.png
Why Golf Carts Should Choose Lifepo4 Batteries
03-11 2024

High safety performance: The PO bond in the LiFePO4 crystal structure is stable and not easy to decompose. Even under high temperature or overcharge conditions, there will be no structural collapse or the production of highly oxidizing substances like lithium cobalt oxide batteries. The decompositio

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