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Lithium Battery Cell Manufacturing Process Innovation And Development
07-02 2024

The innovation and development of lithium battery cell manufacturing process is of great significance to improving the performance of lithium batteries, reducing costs and improving production efficiency. This article will discuss with you the innovation and development of lithium battery cell manuf

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38.4v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries_1144_1144.jpg
Will a Golf Cart Go Faster with a Lithium Battery?
06-28 2024

The rise of lithium-ion batteries has revolutionized numerous industries, from consumer electronics to electric vehicles, and golf carts are no exception. As golf cart enthusiasts and owners seek ways to enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability, the question of whether upgrading from traditi

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Causes And Solutions of Lithium Battery Leakage
05-09 2024

I. IntroductionLithium batteries may leak electricity during use, which will not only affect the performance and service life of the battery, but may also cause safety hazards. Therefore, it is of great significance to understand the causes and solutions of lithium battery leakage.picture 2. Ca

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51.2v 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery.jpg
Decoding The Components: Understanding The Layers of Lithium Battery Technology
05-08 2024

Lithium batteries, as a popular energy storage product, are playing an increasingly significant role in various fields such as daily life, industry, and military. When we talk about lithium batteries, we often encounter terms such as battery cells, battery array, battery modules, and battery packs,

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Lithium Battery Cut-off Voltage And Current Setting: Balance between Safety And Performance
04-30 2024

As an important energy storage device, lithium batteries are widely used in modern electronic products. In order to ensure the safe operation and optimal performance of lithium batteries, it is very critical to properly set the cut-off voltage and current. This article will discuss in detail the set

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Electric forklift lifepo4 battery.png
Lithium Battery Capacity Dividing Process: A Key Step To Ensure Battery Quality And Performance
04-26 2024

In the production process of lithium batteries, the capacity dividing process is a key step to ensure stable battery quality and performance. Through a series of delicate processes, the battery is charged and discharged, data collected and analyzed to determine its capacity, internal resistance and

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72v lifepo4 battery.png
Should I Choose Lifepo4 Battery Or Lead-acid Battery for Electric Tricycle?
04-17 2024

In the use of electric tricycles, battery selection is crucial. Currently, the mainstream battery types on the market include lifepo4 batteries and lead-acid batteries.So, when choosing an electric tricycle battery, should you choose lifepo4 battery or lead-acid battery? This article will provide yo

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lithium iron phosphate battery.jpg
Why Do Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Use Aluminum Foil for The Positive Electrode And Copper Foil for The Negative Electrode?
04-17 2024

Why do lithium iron phosphate batteries use aluminum foil for the positive electrode and copper foil for the negative electrode? The current collector used to store positive and negative electrode materials is also an important component of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Its main function is to c

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Causes And Controls of Dark Marks on Lithium Battery Coatings
04-14 2024

In response to the causes and control issues raised by friends about the dark marks on lithium battery coatings, this article will deeply explore the reasons for the dark marks appearing after drying of lithium battery coatings for your reference, and discuss the corresponding control methods. Dark

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What Are The Safety Requirements for Lithium Battery Charging And Discharging Operations And Electricity Usage?
04-13 2024

What are the safety requirements for lithium battery charging and discharging operations and electricity usage? In the safety requirements for lithium batteries, safety standards for charging and discharging operations and electricity usage are crucial. These standards aim to ensure the safety and r

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