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The Difference between Power Lithium-ion Batteries And Energy Storage Lithium-ion Batteries

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The difference between power lithium-ion batteries and energy storage lithium-ion batteries

Power lithium-ion battery packs refer to the power sources that provide power for tools. Nowadays, they mostly refer to lithium-ion battery packs that provide power for electric vehicles, electric trains, etc. Power energy lithium-ion battery packs emerged with the emergence of plug-in hybrid vehicles. It requires the battery to store a high amount of energy and be able to support pure electric driving for a certain distance. It also needs to have good power characteristics and enter hybrid mode when the battery is low.

1. Different voltages

In the battery industry, as the voltage increases, the corresponding output voltage will also increase, so that the power lithium-ion battery pack can meet the needs of some high-power equipment; the direct impact of the parallel connection method is that the entire battery pack The current increases, and the capacity is affected by the current at the output end, so the direct purpose of parallel connection is to increase the capacity of the lithium-ion battery pack. The capacity of the battery pack connected in this way will often be larger, which is the so-called capacity. type lithium-ion battery pack.

2. The products used are different

Some large equipment requires a higher voltage value because the low-power battery pack cannot run, so a power-type lithium-ion battery pack must be used. For example, the electric bicycles we usually use often require a voltage of 48V. Compared with some situations in our lives, 48V is already quite large. Therefore, a power lithium-ion battery pack must be used to ensure the operation of the electric bicycle.

The capacity-type lithium-ion battery is like mountain climbing and running, which requires endurance. It requires high capacity to maintain low-power discharge for a long time. Commonly used in products that discharge small currents but require large capacity, such as mobile power supplies, outdoor flashlights, etc.

3. Different internal resistances

The internal resistance of power-type lithium-ion batteries is smaller than that of capacity-type lithium-ion batteries. Taking 18650 as an example, good manufacturers of 3-rate discharge batteries generally have a PDC with an internal resistance of about 40; those of 5-rate discharge batteries generally do not have a PDC. Resistance is about 20.

4. Different discharge characteristics

The characteristic of power lithium-ion battery pack is high current discharge, the discharge rate is generally above market C, and it can achieve instantaneous high current;

Capacity-type lithium-ion batteries are characterized by small current discharge, but have a large capacity and can sustain stable power supply for a long time.

At present, lifepo4 is selected as the cathode material of power lithium-ion batteries around the world. Market analysts from governments, scientific research institutions, and enterprises are optimistic about this material and regard it as the development direction of power lithium-ion batteries.

Pronewenergy focuses on the customization and production of lifepo4 batteries. Our products cover: 12v lifepo4 battery, 24v lifepo4 battery, 48v lifepo4 battery, 72v lifepo4 battery and other power lithium batteries and 51.2v energy storage lithium battery,which are widely used in house power generation, RVs, base station energy storage power generation, yachts, electric vehicles, golf carts, snowplows and other fields.

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