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What Is The Difference between Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery And Lithium Carbonate Battery?

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Lithium iron phosphate (lifepo4) batteries and lithium carbonate batteries differ in many aspects. Here are the main differences between the two:Materials and Construction:Lithium iron phosphate battery: a lithium-ion battery using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the positive electrode material.Lithium carbonate battery: A primary battery that uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte solution.

  • Performance features:

Lithium iron phosphate battery(Lifepo4 battery):

High thermal stability, high reliability, reducing the risk of overheating, burning or explosion.

Long cycle life, up to more than 2,000 times, reducing replacement and maintenance frequency.

Environmentally friendly, contains no harmful substances and can be recycled.

Charge quickly and save time.

Low self-discharge rate, suitable for long-term backup power supply.

High rate discharge performance, suitable for instantaneous high power output scenarios.

Lithium carbonate battery:

High energy density improves vehicle cruising range.

Long life, usually around 5-8 years.

Low self-discharge ensures long-term battery storage and use.

It has high reliability and has countermeasures to prevent thermal runaway.

Easy to recharge via household power supply.

  • Application areas:

Lithium iron phosphate battery: widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, drones, aviation models, portable electronic devices and other fields.

Lithium carbonate battery: It is one of the most widely used and mature batteries in new energy vehicles.

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