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Can Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Not Require A Battery Casing?

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Lithium iron phosphate batteries require shell protection, and not using a battery enclosure can pose serious safety hazards.

The role of the battery boxes in lithium iron phosphate batteries

The shell of lithium iron phosphate batteries is an important component to ensure their normal operation. It can play the following roles:

1.Protect the internal structure of the lifepo4 battery from mechanical damage: There is a liquid medium between the electrodes and electrolytes of lithium iron phosphate batteries. If protective measures are not taken properly, humid air, dust, and other impurities from the outside may penetrate into the battery, causing damage to the internal structure of the battery.

2.Prevent the battery from overheating and burning: During the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries, they may overheat due to short circuits, overcharging, and other reasons. The outer battery housing can prevent gas leakage inside the battery and prevent the battery from catching fire and burning due to overheating.

3.Prevent battery failure due to moisture: Moisture and moisture can cause a decrease in the positive and negative electrochemical reactions of the battery, leading to a decrease in battery voltage and even failure. The outer shell of the battery can provide moisture resistance, ensuring the normal service life of the battery.

The risks and issues of not using a casing

Not using a casing means that the lithium iron phosphate battery will be in an exposed operating state, which will expose the battery to the following risks and issues:

1.Easy to cause safety accidents: If the battery is compressed or short circuited, it will generate a large amount of heat, which can lead to safety accidents such as fires and explosions.

2.Internal short circuit in the battery: During operation, if the material inside the electrode experiences an internal short circuit exceeding the limit, the energy inside the entire battery will be released at a faster rate, which may cause the battery to explode and produce high temperature, toxic gases, etc.

3.It may affect the stability of the battery: Bare batteries are difficult to isolate external influences such as moisture, high temperature, etc., all of which can affect the stability of the battery.


In short, not using a casing for lithium iron phosphate batteries will have a significant impact on their safety and stability, so the casing should always be used to protect the lifepo4 lithium battery.

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