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Do You Know What Factors Affect The Price of Lithium Batteries?

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Lithium ion battery energy storage is an inevitable trend in the development of the times. The application and development of lithium batteries are very rapid, with advantages such as high energy density, long service life, and green environmental protection. So what are the factors that affect the price and safety of lithium battery packs? At this moment, I would like to share with you in detail through this article, hoping to be helpful to you.

Lithium batteries are a type of battery that uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and non-aqueous electrolyte solutions. Due to the highly reactive chemical properties of lithium metal, the processing, storage, and use of lithium metal have very high environmental requirements. Especially with the emergence of lithium iron phosphate batteries, it has further promoted the development and application of the lithium battery industry.

1、 Price composition of lithium batteries

The price of lithium batteries mainly consists of three components: the lithium ion battery cell, BMS, and battery housing. At the same time, due to the power consumption and current size of the electrical appliances used, the material selection of the connecting pieces between the battery cells will affect the cost. Different connectors may also have a significant impact on the cost, and different PACK processes can also affect the cost.

2、 Factors affecting the price of lithium batteries

01. Selection of battery cells

The selection of battery cells with different material systems will affect the overall price of lithium batteries. According to the different positive electrode materials, lithium battery packs will have various material systems such as lithium manganese oxide (3.6V), lithium cobalt oxide (3.7V/3.8V), nickel cobalt manganese oxide (commonly known as ternary, 3.6V), lithium iron phosphate (3.2V), and lithium titanium oxide (2.3V/2.4V). The voltage platform, safety factor, cycle times, energy density ratio, and operating temperature of the cells in different material systems are different.

The prices of battery cells from different brands can also vary greatly, and the overall price gradient can be divided into: battery cells from the same material system but different brands will also have significant price differences, and the quality (safety, consistency, stability) of each brand of battery cell produced through market selection is basically proportional to the price.

3.2V 50AH Battery Cell

02. Requirements and Design of Lithium Battery PCM

PCM design can be divided into basic protection, communication, and BMS.

Basic protection: Basic protection includes over charging, over discharging, over current, and short circuit protection, and can be added with over temperature protection according to product requirements.

Communication: The communication protocol can be divided into I2C, RS485, RS232, CANBUS, HDQ, SMBUS, etc. There is also a simple power display, which can be indicated by a power meter and LED.

BMS: Battery Management System, mainly for intelligent management and maintenance of various battery units, to prevent overcharging and discharging of the battery, extend the battery's service life, and monitor the battery's status.

JBD Smart BMS 3S 4S 12V 60_120A Lithium Batt (4)

03. Requirements and Design of Lithium Battery Enclosures

PVC heat sealing: The specific external shell packaging form of the battery pack mainly depends on the specific needs of the customer's product. For packaging forms that use PVC heat sealing, it is generally suitable for situations where the number of battery cells in series and parallel is not large and the overall weight is relatively light (≤ 2kg). However, for battery packs with an overall weight of ≥ 1kg, fixed brackets need to be added between the battery cells, and fiberglass panels need to be added to the periphery for protection before using PVC heat sealing.

Plastic: The use of plastic casing is mainly due to the possibility that different battery packs may need to be molded after shaping, and the cost of the mold is a significant expense. If the product is not yet finalized in the early stages of development, hand made casing samples can be used. Different material and process requirements for the casing can also affect the cost.

battery box

Metal: Metal casings are also similar to plastic casings. Before the product is finalized or there is not much demand for quantity, it is recommended to use sheet metal sampling. This is mainly because the lead time for sampling is short. If the batch is large, it is also recommended to open a mold. For metal shells with waterproof requirements, it will greatly affect the cost, and for special materials with metal shell requirements, the cost will be higher.


The cost of lithium batteries mainly consists of battery cells, PCM, and structural components, in addition to the company's PACK expenses, aging expenses, management expenses, etc. At the same time, due to the difficulty of product technology, different requirements for procurement quantity and defect rate, the price of lithium batteries will also vary greatly!

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