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How To Choose A Forklift Battery: Lithium Or Lead-acid? Let Me Analyze It with You!

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How to choose a forklift battery: lithium or lead-acid? Let me analyze it with you!

There are two types of batteries for electric forklifts, lead-acid batteries (maintenance-free batteries, water batteries) and lithium batteries. From the battery type point of view, the choice of forklift batteries is not complicated, but some other factors often make it difficult for decision-makers to decide! For example: capacity, charging speed, cycle life, brand, price, etc. Choosing a matching battery is related to the follow-up of the enterprise. production operations, so choosing the right forklift battery is crucial.

48v forklift battery

Nowadays, environmental protection is an issue advocated by all walks of life. With the advancement of lithium battery materials, the advantages of lithium-ion batteries such as fast charging and long life on electric forklifts are becoming more and more prominent. The advantages of electric forklifts are that they are quiet and environmentally friendly. I believe everyone can understand this. Working indoors is pollution-free. Currently, most of the batteries used in electric forklifts on the market are lithium batteries, and of course there are also lead-acid batteries. So what are the benefits of using lithium batteries in forklifts compared to lead-acid batteries?

Forklift battery manufacturer

Compared with large batteries such as lead-acid and nickel-cadmium, lithium batteries do not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other elements that pollute the environment and are pollution-free. When charging, there will be no "hydrogen evolution" phenomenon similar to lead-acid batteries, and it will not corrode wire terminals and battery boxes, making it environmentally friendly and reliable. The lithium-ion battery can be cycled up to 2,000 times and has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. It has no memory effect and does not need to be replaced frequently.

The lithium-ion battery pack has an intelligent BMS lithium battery management and protection system, which can effectively automatically cut off the main circuit for low battery power, short circuit, overcharge, high temperature and other faults, and can feed data back to the APP to allow users to understand in real time Battery usage, smarter forklift lithium battery systems and elevated alarms are features that traditional lead-acid batteries do not have.

It can be charged quickly and requires less maintenance. For special needs industries, such as warehousing logistics, airport freight, etc., lithium batteries can be charged in "fast charging mode". The battery can be fully charged within 1 to 2 hours, keeping the vehicle full. Load, uninterrupted work; at the same time, after the lithium battery is self-packed, there is no need to perform any special water and liquid filling, regular discharge, etc., which can greatly reduce the follow-up

Lithium batteries have so many benefits, but the overall cost and subsequent replacement costs may be higher than that of lead-acid batteries! Therefore, consumers should also consider the long-term operating costs when making a comprehensive choice. If you are interested in lithium batteries, If you are interested, you can take a look at the Qiancheng Power Forklift Lithium Battery recommended by the editor below!

Forklift power battery

If you are looking for a forklift battery manufacturer, look for PronewEnergy. We provide 48v 420ah, 48v 560ah forklift lifepo4 power battery. Fast charging, long life, small size, easy to install, equipped with intelligent BMS to protect and manage your forklift lifepo4 battery

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