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Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Installation Process into The Battery Box
04-12 2024

1. Battery box shell preparation: Select the appropriate shell material and shape. Metal or plastic materials are usually used to make the shell. Depending on the size and shape of the battery, the casing is shaped to accommodate the battery.2. Battery assembly: Assemble the positive and negative el

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What Is The Difference between Energy Storage Inverter And Photovoltaic Inverter?
03-29 2024

What is the difference between energy storage inverter and photovoltaic inverter?Energy Storage Inverter (Energy Storage Inverter) is a device used in energy storage systems. It mainly converts electrical energy into DC power suitable for energy storage systems and converts it into AC power that can

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Application of flexible busbars in electric vehicle power batteries
01-28 2024

In order to promote the consumption of electric vehicles and promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry. New energy vehicles refer to pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid (including extended-range) vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles. Electric vehicles are undoubtedly a hot topic at t

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