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How To Properly Maintain And Upkeep A 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack?
05-10 2024

How to properly maintain and upkeep a 12V lithium iron phosphate battery pack? The 12V lithium iron phosphate battery pack uses lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material of the lithium battery pack. It is currently the most environmentally friendly, long-lasting, safe, and has the hi

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Correct Charging Method of Lifepo4 Battery
04-26 2024

Correct charging method of lifepo4 battery pack It is recommended to use CCCV charging method for charging lithium iron phosphate battery pack, that is, constant current first and then constant voltage. The constant current recommendation is 0.3C. The constant voltage recommendation is 3.65. That is, 0.3C current charging during the constant current process. When the battery voltage reaches 3.65V, use 3.65V constant voltage charging. When the charging current is lower than 0.1C (or 0.05C), stop charging, that is, the battery has been full. When you charge with a constant voltage power supply, you also need to check the charging current. It is recommended not to charge at too high a voltage. After adjusting the voltage, make sure the charging current is below 0.5C, which is good for the battery.

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The Difference between Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries And Ordinary Lithium Batteries
03-23 2024

The difference between lithium iron phosphate batteries and ordinary lithium batteries Lithium iron phosphate is resistant to high temperatures and can still be used when it returns to temperatures above 200 degrees. Not lithium ion.

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