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The Arrival of The Lifepo4 Battery Era for Two-wheeled Electric Vehicles
04-24 2024

Due to their lightness and convenience, two-wheeled electric vehicles have become an ideal choice to solve the "last mile" travel problem. Whether it is electric bicycles or electric motorcycles, they have won the favor of urban residents for their economic efficiency, environmental friendliness and

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golf cart power battery.png
Applications of lifepo4 power batteries
04-15 2024

Applications of lithium iron phosphate power batteriesBecause lithium iron phosphate power batteries have the above characteristics and can produce batteries of various capacities, they have quickly been widely used. Its main application areas are:1 Large electric vehicles: buses, electric vehicles,

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72v 160Ah power battery.png
Lithium Iron Battery (LiFePO4 Battery) Technical Parameters And Usage Range
04-10 2024

Lithium iron battery (LiFePO4 Battery) is a type of lithium ion battery, which uses lithium iron phosphate as cathode material.picture(A) the common parameters of lithium iron battery1. Battery Capacity: expressed in milliamperes or ampere-hours (mAh or Ah), indicating the stored energy of the batte

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72v golf cart lifepo4 battery customized.png
Why Golf Carts Should Choose Lifepo4 Batteries
03-11 2024

High safety performance: The PO bond in the LiFePO4 crystal structure is stable and not easy to decompose. Even under high temperature or overcharge conditions, there will be no structural collapse or the production of highly oxidizing substances like lithium cobalt oxide batteries. The decompositio

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