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What Are The Requirements for Energy Storage Batteries in Communication Base Stations?

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What are the requirements for energy storage batteries in communication base stations?

High reliability: Communication base station battery systems need to have high reliability to ensure continuous power supply and uninterrupted support for communication services. Long life: Communication base station batteries need to have a long life and be able to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles and long-term operation. Fast charging capability: Communication base station batteries need to have fast charging capabilities to quickly restore power in the event of power outage or unstable power.

In order to ensure the reliability of the communication system, communication base stations generally need to have their own energy storage system as a backup power supply when the power supply system is out of power. When the mains or other power supply systems are out of power, the backup power supply supplies power to the load of the communication base station to ensure communication. The base station operates normally.

racked server lifepo4 battery

As communication base station batteries, why do lifepo4 batteries gradually replace lead-acid batteries?

The energy storage systems of existing communication base stations mostly use lead-acid batteries. However, lead-acid batteries are not suitable for deep charging and discharging. Moreover, since communication base stations generally require the stored power to be used for 3 to 5 days, the energy storage systems of communication base stations are mostly equipped with Higher cost high capacity lead acid batteries. The lead-acid battery of the energy storage system is float-charged after it is fully charged. When the mains or other power supply system is out of power, the lead-acid battery in the float-charge state supplies power to the communication base station load.

In the process of realizing the present invention, the inventor found that the existing technology has at least the following problems:

In order to keep the communication base station load uninterrupted and ensure the reliability of the energy storage system, such as the number of days of use of the stored electric energy, lead-acid batteries generally have 50% to 80% of their capacity that can be used after 2 to 3 years of use. It is still necessary to replace the lead-acid battery with a new one. If it is used in a harsh environment, such as repeated charging and discharging or working under harsh temperatures, the service life will be shorter, resulting in a short service life of the existing energy storage system and a low return on investment.

lifepo4 battery

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lifepo4 batteries have the advantages of low pollution, long cycle life, high energy density, and high rate. The initial cost is relatively high, but the return rate is high.

With the development of the lithium battery industry, the emergence of racked server lifepo4 batteries and stackable lifepo4 batteries has improved the functional stability of communication base station servers, making base station energy costs lower and greener. The cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 4 times that of lead-acid batteries. It has good rate performance, supports fast charging, and has a wide temperature range. It is more suitable for use as a backup power supply for 5G base stations. At present, almost all global energy storage battery bidding projects for base stations are lifepo4 batteries


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