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New 12v 100ah Portable Lifepo4 Battery
05-07 2024

With the rising interest for versatile power arrangements, the market for lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries has seen huge development. Among the furthest down the line increases to this market is the new 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery, which offers a lightweight and helpful plan for simple compa

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Causes And Solutions of Burrs on Lithium Battery Pole Pieces
04-10 2024

Lithium battery pole pieces are prone to burrs during the cutting and punching process. This article briefly explains the causes, hazards and solutions to burrs.1. The impact of burrs on lithium batteries1. Affect battery performance: Burrs may cause poor contact between pole pieces, affect battery

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Lead-acid Battery Or Lithium Battery, Which One Is Better for Electric Vehicles?
03-07 2024

As for which lead-acid battery or lithium battery to choose, I believe this question is a matter of opinion and wisdom. Some users will be more optimistic about lithium batteries, while other users will insist on choosing lead-acid batteries. So, for electric vehicles, how to choose between these tw

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