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Are Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Really Safe?
05-06 2024

Nowadays, when people buy new energy vehicles, they objectively have to choose between two technologies: lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery. Industry insiders tell us: Those who value endurance and vehicle lightweight should choose the ternary system. If you pay attention to

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Do Any EVs Use LiFePO4 Batteries?
03-23 2024

LifePO4 batteries are used in many electric energy vehicles, such as Tesla, BYD and other well-known electric vehicles. Tesla's 2021 Q3 report announced the company's plans to transition to LFP batteries in all standard series vehicles. This reflects the growing popularity of LFP batteries in new ge

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The 300ah Lifepo4 Battery Is Produced Overtime And Will Be Shipped To Our German Friends Tomorrow. Pronewenergy Customizes Lifepo4 Batteries for Friends in Germany
03-08 2024

48v 300ah lifepo4 battery, with smart BMS battery protection board, battery anti-aging test, battery waterproof test, battery current, voltage, capacity detectionThanks to my friends from Germany for their trust. Working overtime to get the goods shipped to Germany tomorrow

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